The Law of Pervasion – Pt 1


Norma Hickox

 Hydrogen is the start of everything. Hydrogen is the Creator, the energy force that is spoken of, the huge energy force given in all the Chrysalis material. I would like to introduce the Law of Pervasion. The theory being given is a new theory based on old theories. As a matter of fact it is not a theory at all. It is simply a statement of truth. No one on the earth plane has seen the connecting link throughout the whole universe as hydrogen.

It is the spark of the Creator that we keep talking about. It is what everything must be pervaded with, but it must be transmuted hydrogen, which is what takes place in the process of bringing hydrogen down from a gas to a liquid to a solid (by taking it to absolute zero) and back to a liquid. From this point on it can take any form necessary to be incorporated into anything in the universe because it will have gone through its transmutation. It is such a simple concept, but one that no one has done.

Actually, it did happen once before, in the early days of our atomic power processes, but it was not documented and was considered a mistake, an experiment that didn’t work. There have been no scientists that have been able to channel this material. Most scientists do channel to a certain point, but none have trained themselves to reach high enough.

From the Creator

 “I am the Creator God of the whole universe and I know what the make- up of everything in my universe is or should be. This is the Law of Pervasion. From the tiniest speck of dust to the largest planet or largest galaxy, the spark of my beingness is hydrogen. It is my life blood, if you want to think of it this way. Therefore, this is an old concept, or truth, but new to your earth planet. Other planets have a suspicion that this is so but none have actually based their existence on this fact. That is what we want the earth to do to move it into the next dimension for me to experience. This is the only way I can grow and expand. It would be as though you were stunted in your growth because of a missing gene. 

When anything is brought into being on your planet that does not have hydrogen as a part of its make up, it does not have the spark of the Creator in it. Your polluting chemicals will be found to be those that do not contain hydrogen. If anything has hydrogen in it, it will not pollute, or at least it will be able to be counteracted by another chemical if it does cause a disturbance. But a chemical without hydrogen in it will not be able to be cleaned up. Its process will not be able to be reversed.”

The vibratory field of two different gases will be so distinctly different that they will not attract each other. We will relate this to music. As given, each gas will be one particular tone of the C major scale. Within each tone of the C major scale there is the potential for a twelve-level breakdown. This means there is a wide gap or space between the vibratory rates of the different gases. There will be no “like attracts like” between them. This is the point that we are trying to prove, not that there is “like attracts like.”

It is the following kingdoms that will all have “like attracts like” based on the vibrations started by the individual different gases. The whole point of everything is that the addition of each kingdom allows the Elemental Kingdom the possibility of breaking through the barrier set up by the width of spread between the individual vibrations of the gases. We want this to be more clearly understood. The attraction process, the “Law of Attraction,” or “like attracts like” did not start in the Elemental Kingdom. It started after that and each new kingdom brought the space between the gases closer together. When that space is narrowed to the point of no longer being there is the time when the true fourth dimension will begin on the earth.

These gases have the ability to pervade everything and have pervaded everything on the earth and in the cosmos. The attempt to prove “like attracts like,” the proof of total “like attracts like,” or the ultimate proof of the “Law of Attraction,” will be when these gases will attract each other. At the present time they do not. They are, for the most part, in disharmony. There are several that will abide to be near others, those that fall on the major chord of the C scale, but the total immersion into the fourth dimension will be when the blending of these gases can take place.

Wondrous events will happen at this time. The only way this can happen is to work with them on the subatomic level, not the atomic level. The subatomic level allows access to the twelve-level breakdown allowing manipulation and advancement of the levels of vibratory rate into fourth dimensional vibration. Raising these twelve levels of vibration is the only way to raise the gases into fourth dimensional vibration and until they are raised none else will be raised because they pervade everything. They are, you might say, the blood lines of the Creator and must pervade all, but this pervasion must be of fourth dimensional vibratory rate. If you pervaded all now where they are at in third dimensional vibratory rate, it would be disastrous. It is built into the system that this cannot take place because they will not attract each other.

The danger period is going to be when the raising of the vibration of the space between the gases starts to take place. This will have to be handled very carefully until all are raised equally and at the same time. The progress of raising one gas will have to be held up to accommodate another until all are ready to take the final step at the same time. When they take this step, at that time will everything on the earth be raised up in vibration and pervaded with the spirit of the Creator. We realize this is difficult to understand, but please study this. The “Law of Attraction” is a breakdown of the “Law of Pervasion.” This also needs to be understood and related to all levels of vibration on the earth even, and most importantly, the human vibration.

The following questions were asked by nuclear physicists and answered by Norma’s channel.

Question – Is there such a thing as cosmic hydrogen?  If so, could you expand on this?

Answer – Your question about the cosmic hydrogen is, we believe, referring to the transmuted hydrogen, just a different terminology for it. We use the word transmuted hydrogen; others use cosmic hydrogen. Truly, to be transmuted to the fourth dimension it would be cosmic hydrogen but we prefer the other term.

Question – Does the process the hydrogen has to go through to be transmuted to the fourth dimension relate in any way to what humans go through to be transmuted into the fourth dimension?

Answer – The process the hydrogen goes through to be transmuted does relate to the human transmutation in the fact that this transmutation will take place within the physical body of the human being. The hydrogen molecules within the physical body will be transmuted into fourth dimension hydrogen molecules when the mental apparatus has reached the point of being ready. This does not necessarily mean an open channel through all parts of the different bodies. What this means, simply, is an attitude correction of overcoming the animal-based ego and that, basically, is what happens to the hydrogen when it is transmuted from its gaseous state into a solid state and then taken back up again. It has overcome the earth’s pull, the magnetic pull, of the earth’s gravity. This is a little bit difficult to explain in terms that you can understand. Let us try it another way.

The hydrogen in the makeup of all things on the earth at this time is a very rough vibratory rate because of the earth plane’s vibrations, because of being caught in matter. Even the hydrogen molecules in your water, are caught in matter. Anything that hydrogen pervades on your earth plane is in physical matter, not ethereal matter. Even hydrogen in its pure gas form on your earth is in physical matter. When it is transmuted; when it is brought down to a solid (taken to absolute zero), it stops the movement of the molecules. It must be taken clear to 0 degrees on your Kelvin scale. This has not been achieved yet, but can be.

It’s taken clear down to zero and the stoppage of the molecule’s movement would be, you might say, comparable to the death of a human being at the stopping of the brain wave patterns. And then the transmutation that takes place when it is brought back into a liquid or a gas, whichever is preferred, would be similar to the human being’s crossing dimensions into the unmanifested state, the mental transmutation,  the leaving of being caught in the matter of the physical brain and ascending to ethereal matter, which is what takes place. It is unfortunate that the stoppage has to take place for this to happen. And truly when channels channel, the stoppage does not take place, but for the time being this is the way the transmutation is made. And this is also true of the hydrogen. Would that there were another way without stopping…taking it clear to zero to stop the movement of these molecules, but until technology is furthered on this matter, this is the way that it must be begun. There will be a way later on, as there also will be for humans when this taking it clear to a stoppage of vibrating atoms will not be necessary.

What this does for the human and the hydrogen, it raises the vibratory rate into the ethereal realm and this is very difficult, but there are machines that you have that could measure the difference in brain wave patterns of a channel who is talking in a normal earth plane personality mode and when they are channeling the higher beings such as you are doing now. You have machines that can register this difference and there are machines that can register this difference between the hydrogen molecule before and after the stoppage of the molecular movement. Once this has taken place and it is ethereal matter, it will be blended into everything that takes place on the earth plane. It will not be a matter of choice. It will be done as an automatic process such as the spirit in ethereal matter pervades humans as an automatic process.

The pervasion of this ethereal hydrogen will be an automatic process for everything on the earth plane, but the time period for this is not yet because of the needing to stop the molecular action to achieve the ethereal hydrogen. But as we said, there will come a process by which this will be done automatically. It will be similar to when your new schools are in place and your children are becoming much more open to the other planes, the spirit will be able to pervade them much, much easier. And as each generation goes by, it will not even be a question of the spirit needing to pervade them, they will be born with this spirit pervasion.

The same thing will happen to the hydrogen. It has to be educated. And the very first beginnings will be the most difficult, the very first breakthrough, but from that point on it will not be long at all until the way will come when this will be something that happens to the hydrogen because they, the hydrogen molecules, want it to happen. The subatomic particles making up the hydrogen molecules, atoms, will be being educated at the time when the first experiments are done. This will be the beginning of their new school, their experimental school, if you want to compare it to your experimental school, just as the first children attending your experimental school will learn to transmute into the ethereal realm. By the time they are in what you consider high school they will be doing this as an automatic process, the same with the hydrogen.

We would like to further discuss the process of the transmutation of the hydrogen, which will be the second part of the experiment. The first experiment is, you might say, on a lower level of experimentation more or less setting up standards of reactions of physical hydrogen. After the second part of the experiment is done, after the transmuted hydrogen is achieved, there will be another series of tests and this first series of tests will be as comparisons to the behavior of the transmuted hydrogen. The first experiments, to document the reactions of physical hydrogen, are quite important for that reason. We thank you. Good day.