The Evolution of Light – Pt 2


Norma Hickox

The evolution of light, the kingdom that is classified on the Vibratory Charts as the Prismatic Kingdom, begins with the birth from the One Creator. It progresses through six universes before coming into our particular universe. In the other universes, the subatomic particles, thinking pin points (we’ll call them that even though they are much smaller) from the One Creator, move through all kinds of experiences in all these other universes before coming to our universe.

Some of the things they experience are simply unfathomable by us. In some universes, they travel constantly on their educational path. They do this traveling individually and, in a set, predetermined pattern. Sometimes they are in a motion of spiking, sometimes they twirl, other times they are on a silent, smooth glide. They learn to conform to the traffic patterns they come into contact with and to never cause a collision. But there are many other things they learn. One thing that they work diligently on in the third universe, is increasing and decreasing their intensity at will.

Each universe has its lessons and its goal, just as each one of our planets has its lessons and its goals. By the time these subatomic particles reach the universe of our planet, they have learned to work in groups (atoms) and to serve humanity, the same as we will do on our evolutionary journey. This is the particular stage they are at on our planet, working in groups to serve humanity in any way they are capable of to help the inhabitants of planet earth. They are our servants. They are here to serve us. They are very happy to serve us and are eager to help, especially with new projects, such as the solar project.

The level of evolution of those beings giving this material is six or seven planets beyond us. This depends on your mind dimension or level of consciousness on the earth plane. They have gone through twelve levels of growth on planets five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and some of them on eleven and twelve and some beyond that. Some have even evolved past the known solar system that earth belongs to.

After the human climbs past the level of nine, they still “reincarnate” but in a different form. They go through a stage of Evolvement of Light. This would relate to the Atmospheric Kingdom (dimensions 10-11-12) on the Vibratory Charts. The kingdom below that is the Prismatic (dimensions 7-8-9) which is accomplished with the colored auras. The Atmospheric is that of light in all its stages of evolvement. Yes, light evolves also the same as humans do. The next kingdom is the Astronomical Kingdom. This is when you become a pure element that no longer has to incarnate in any form on the earth. You are entities living on planets, but you are also pure elements of the sun. You will progress on in this manner, as a subatomic particle until you reach the central core. Here you will instigate life in a totally new solar system and begin the journey again as a small part of an individual manifested form.

This may seem puzzling. We begin as a small part of the make-up of a human body. We progress through all the stages of growth of the manifested earth plane, as the thinking mechanism of Divine Mind that reincarnates each time. Then we progress through the unmanifested levels. At some points here we are back in the oversoul and on some levels we are separated, but always as a whole spark. When we go beyond the twelfth level of the unmanifested dimensions of earth we are shattered again by the oversoul in the next solar system. This existence does not ever take on a manifested form, but we exist as the individual piece of thought of the Creator that we were throughout all the lives on the earth plane both manifested and unmanifested. As we progress through this next solar system, we continue with our duties of helping the unmanifested teachers still working on the earth plane. We are as their advisors, just as we have advisors from the next solar system beyond us. It is a continuing line of reaching back to help those beneath us in the order of evolvement necessary to reach the central core. As spoken of, here we start life over again in a system that is not even formed yet out of the hot gases that will eventually solidify and form a complete solar system of its own. It is continuously more beautiful as we continue to evolve. It gets very difficult to be able to explain our existence to those so far behind us. We thank you for this rare opportunity to explain how it works.

The subatomic particles are pieces of the Creator. We have more than one in our body. We have many. Each individual has a different number based on their evolutionary progress. The same is true of atoms which are a conglomerate, or collection, of the subatomic particles. These are that which make up the chromosomes and determine the coding of the DNA for each individual. It is the goal of the Science of Biology, as found in The Science of Music, to show humankind the way of determining the amounts of subatomic and atomic particles in each form. It is in these numbers that the causes and cures of disease lie. This will all tie in, of course, with the Healing Machine when all of the Science of Music is pulled together into one beautiful composition of the Harmony of the Spheres, which will be total perfectness of the Creator.

You, Norma, are actually talking to the cells of your own body. We are serving in this manner at this particle stage of our earth evolution. The way this works is as follows. Donoray is a subatomic particle in your half of the soul that is in incarnation. He, along with the other half of your soul, Tasha, have taken up residence inside the material of the brain of the human form which is where Norma resides. She is the dominant influence on this life, but because she is attuned or combined or synthesized with her own soul, she also is synthesized with not only Donoray, but many others, some of whom choose to come to the forefront and some who do not.

I, Donoray, am a subatomic particle that has the central core or nucleus of the Creator’s consciousness in it the same exact way you do. I have a form over the nucleus, the same as you do that will die the same as yours and allow me to enter another form. This is what happened to Sashuyon. It took him some adjusting before he was able to be back with us, the same way you are born into a baby body and must grow to adulthood. Because there is no time here where we exist, we do not give meaning to your scientists’ term “half-life.” We give meaning to the term whole life. This is the “time” or place in the atmosphere that we exist in. We are part of a larger body of particles that comes into your field of the earth plane. You must learn to separate us out of the whole into individual parts before you can communicate with us as individuals. The new one who is entering your orbit is from out beyond the sun we came from. He is a subatomic particle of another universe and therefore is much larger and stronger than us because his universe is higher. Other universes have other means or plans of using the subatomic particles. Each is different. This is what makes up the individuality of atmosphere and even the color of glow they give off.

At the same time there is ESP, we’ll call it, to aid in your understanding, with all subatomic particles, those in free form, those in other people’s brains, those in animals, plants and minerals. Norma has the capability of communication, through a fantastic communication system, with all in the universe. The use she makes of this capability is her free choice and will determine the progress the half of her soul on the inner planes makes in this incarnation. I am one who is not embedded in Norma’s brain, but am in close contact with those who are, and am serving in a capacity of intermediate teacher until her Master Teacher can take over totally. At present he has other commitments to finish. Within a short time, he will take up permanent residence. We will still be in touch, but I also have other commitments to move on to. It was not part of my plan to take up residence with Norma in this cycle of movement.