Speed of Light Theory


Norma Hickox


 The overall movement of a subatomic particle is in a wavelike motion, but different than that of our known frequency wave patterns. It has its own motion, that of a bouncing up and down within the line of motion that is oscillating and at the same time moving on a larger wavelength motion. There are three processes of motion being done at the same time – that of bouncing, that of oscillating, and that of moving forward in a wave of a longer determination, depending on the subatomic particle and the length of its half-life. If we were to try to measure any distance over ten feet, we would find most of the particles we began with did not last through the first curve of the large wave length. They are so numerous that the death of one of them is not noticed as another one is immediately there to replace it.

This is the only thing in the whole universe, any universe that dies totally. There is nothing left for it to revert to as it is the beginning coming from the Creator and He continues to create. Remember this. These subatomic particles are the only things that die, but the intelligence that is at the central core of the subatomic particles reenters the next particle. There is an unending stream of particles but only those pervaded by the spirit, that central nucleus, can survive. It is similar to what happens in the cells of our body. When the spirit withdraws, the cell will decay.   Exactly the same thing happens with the particle, only in reverse. When this cell, the outer shell of the particle, dies, the spirit enters another and continues on. The cell has the half-life, the spirit has forever life. This is the pattern of reincarnation for humans. The cell and the particle are identical in that respect.

Where do the light rays go after we see them? They are dead. They are, remember, the one substance in the universe that will not live again. They were the beginning coming directly from the Creator. The Creator continues to make new particles. He does not recycle the old. The light from our universe enters outer space and evaporates. It is as simple as that. The word evaporate on the earth plane is used to describe what happens to a liquid when it comes into contact with the atmosphere, with certain qualities in the atmosphere.

The meaning those in the higher planes are giving to the word evaporate does not imply a liquid state, but does imply the disappearance totally of the dead particles. They are absorbed, perhaps is a better word, by certain qualities in the atmosphere of outer space. They are not absorbed or caused to disappear until they are quite far from the surface of our planet. There is no figure that can be given that we would understand as far as miles go. The concept is intricately tied into our concept of light years. It is a concept that is going to have to be open for change and updating.

The glow from the distant stars we see is composed of the “dead” light particles coming from them. The amount of glow a star or planet gives off tells its age in the scheme of birth by the activity of the particles that make up its atmosphere. This is what causes the phenomenon of white or red or whatever color a particular star is giving off. A star grows to a giant white mass before dying. This is because the new particles from the Creator are no longer being brought to that planet.

As the particles there die, there is nothing to replace them. The bright light increases just before death as the thinking particles, or perhaps a better way to put it would be the particles with the spark of the Creator, have left that star and moved on to a new star to instigate the life process there. The brilliant white light is the dead particles and soon evaporates as the mass collapses inside itself, or into the black hole of death from which it will rise again, renewed and refreshed. You see, the way the speed of light has been in the past is no longer applicable when we realize that when we are seeing the “white giant” of a star, that this star has long since imploded into the black hole and the white light is not at the point where the star had been, due to universal drift. It has moved much farther away in the expansion process of the universe. If this light were still at the spot where the planet had been it would relate to our theory of the speed of light, but it is no longer there. Therefore, it disqualifies the theory of the speed of light as we know it, because many other measurements of the distance of stars are based on these white giants. There is no way at the present time to give the new theory of the speed of light until the new science based on the Evolution of Light, which is the Particle Theory, is more advanced.

As given, this will change Einstein’s theory of E=MC2, as the theory involves the speed of light which, as stated, will need to be changed to conform with the new Particle Theory. Einstein was in just exactly the right mode of thinking for the time period he lived in. It could have been no other way. But as evolution continues all disciplines in place on the earth plane must be upgraded to stay equal to the period of evolution. As the evolution of light continues, so also must the theory of the speed of light, that our scientists have been working with, be changed.

The subatomic particles are ethereal matter and are capable of tremendous energy. The matter part of them dies, the energy does not. This is the stairway into the realm of nuclear science in all its glory. The passing off of the matter stage while attaining higher degrees of energy, is what nuclear fission is all about. The new science of physics will be based on this transaction, the no longer balanced fact of mass equaling energy. This will cause considerable consternation, and even much rebellion, in present day scientists who were trained in this discipline.

It has been stated that if anyone ever disproves the law of conservation of matter and energy, the entire science of physics will fall apart. This is why the Particle Theory is going to be the basis for the new science. When it is proved conclusively to our scientists that subatomic particles do not recirculate, thereby disproving the law of conservation of matter and energy that Einstein’s theory was based on, then the science of physics as we know it now will no longer be applicable. It has served humanity well in its present state. It simply is time to update this science as the basis for new understanding of the universe.