Norma Hickox


Those working on technical projects should study holograms. For the most part, anyone working on technical projects shouldn’t spend much time looking at the total picture. They should use a process of thought combined with thought application.

This does not quite describe it. What they should do is use the workings of the hologram to do a separation. This would be a good analogy, to work on these projects in a hologram design where they can be seen as a total finished project and then separated or segregated into stages or steps of the project.

If you can imagine, it’s like huge sheets of film all shoved in towards a common center, and when they get to that center, they intermingle to make the total picture. That total picture is always there but not activated. It’s only activated when they want to activate it. Each one of these slides of film, then can be pulled out of the whole and that particular section of the project is there in total detail.

Those working on these projects should study holograms. Then, perhaps, do an experiment on something that they already understand as to how it works. By putting all the data of the different parts that go to make up the whole on different sheets of paper, for the purpose of our experiment here, just simply for understanding how it works on the other plane, put all this data on these sheets and then stick these sheets all towards a center stick having the completed project on it to see and wrap them around it. As you’re looking at this completed project, you can take a hold of any one of these sheets and pull them out and see everything that goes into making up that part of the project. This would be an experiment in understanding higher plane building – higher plane assimilation of a new project.