Cosmic Energies Flowing in Our Bodies


Norma Hickox

 This is a series of questions and answers between nuclear physicists and Norma’s channel.

 Question – What cosmic energies flow in our bodies?

Answer – All cosmic energies flow in your bodies. But all cosmic energies are made up of one substance and that is subatomic particles. They come from the One Creator in a steady constant stream and enter the form of everything in all universes from the beginning until the end, which will never come. They are of a space continuum that is not even fathomable to you on the earth plane. This cosmic energy flows through the very blood of your body. It makes up the tissues, muscles, bone and all organs even unto the nails on your hands and feet and the hair on your head. Your eyes are shining substances made up of beautiful subatomic particles. They saturate everything and are the basic building block of all life and therefore the source of all energy.

Now they do go through decreases in saturation from the beginning of the One God until they have reached the exact frequency of vibratory rate that is needed and usable for your particular planet. When they enter the auric field of your planet, they assume different forms and different energy frequency rates to be able to do whatever they are called upon to do to aid the evolution and growth of humankind.

These different applications of their energy are what we believe you are asking about. The only difference in any of the different uses of the same energy is in vibratory rate. All is based on this vibratory rate which makes up the frequency pattern for each application depending on what it will be interacting with and the density of pervasion that is needed for that application. This is the definition of frequency that we would like to work with – the vibratory rate of subatomic particles patterned in motion, depending on the application, and with the density determined by that application.

The frequency rate is different but exact for each organ in each human form. The consciousness of the subatomic particle then is a much higher frequency than those particles used for physical manifestation. The consciousness of the subatomic particles then fills the channels and open spaces in each form with the mind of the Creator depending on the choices made by each individual before incarnating. The human not only chooses the frequency rate of the physical body particles, but also that of the mind of the Creator that they wish to have for their use in each life.

It is a very complicated process. This is partially the DNA code which applies to the physical form, but this is only half the story. There is a similar code to the consciousness that needs to be studied, traced and developed as to understanding that then needs to be coupled with the DNA code of the physical forms before a complete picture of the energies that flow through your bodies can be given. Master

Question – How many are there?

Answer – This was given as being as many different cosmic energies as there are applications of it. No two humans or plants or anything in any kingdom are exactly the same as far as the energies flowing through their bodies. Master

Question – How do they interact with each other in our bodies?

Answer – As far as how they interact with each other in your bodies, it can be compared to a musical composition. Each form of the energy found in a body can be applied to a musical frequency. The frequency of some of the energy applications is a part of the harmony, some a part of the shading, some a part of the rhythm, some a part of the melody. The way they interact with each other than depends on the harmony of the main composition or particular human form. The melody and its harmony, rhythm, shading, coloring and tempo, all come into play. Therefore, the answer as how they interact with each other is very complicated but is based on musical harmony. Musical harmony is much more complicated than meets the eye. You may strike two notes that sound discordant and by varying the degree of one tone or the other, or both, pull them into harmony. Master

Question – How do they affect each of our body organs, blood or lymphatic circulations?

Answer – They affect each body organ by either blending with them if in harmony, or being in discord with them. This would be in relationship to vibratory rate. The effect on the blood would be frequency rate and the effect on the lymph system would be the pervasion rate. Master

Question – What instruments can measure each one of these energies?

Answer – At the moment there are machines that can measure all three of these rates if they were developed to this point. As it is now, the molecular emission scanner comes the closest to be able to measure all three rates but is not perfect in its measurements or its interpretation of these measurements. When all organs and all energy is based on subatomic particles, it will take much finer machinery capable of breaking down measurements to give accurate readings. Present day medical equipment is not based on subatomic particles or The Particle Theory. This is what is necessary to bring your modern equipment into line with the fourth dimension. Master

Question – What instruments can capture, store and channel these energies to help heal the human body?

Answer – Presently there are none that can do this. There is a machine in the esoteric realm which is being sent through this channel that will be able to do this. There are machines that approach being able to do one or the other of these three things, but none that will eventually be able to do all three. There are more machines being worked on and processed that will capture the particles and store them than there are machines that will be able to channel these energies back into the human body for healing. This is the final goal of every healing machine and will be the goal of the machine sent through this channel. Master

Question – What are the specific energy sources, in addition to the heart, which move the blood counter gravity back to the heart and move the lymph to every cell in the body?

Answer – It is all the same energy source and what is needed for each of these things depends on the particular body that is being spoken of. We can give no specific energy that will apply to the masses. Each one is individual and the energy that will do these things in one body won’t even affect another in any way. The machine that will be able to determine what is needed and then proceed to draw forth the energy and mix the three factors of the energy to the exact degree that is needed for each specific application in each organ in each body has not been invented yet, but is in the planning stage in the esoteric mind of this channel. It is merely waiting for the right circumstances to bring it into manifestation. Master