Articles for Miscellaneous – Not in Books

Articles God Compared to a Whipped Cream Salad Indigo Children are from Purple Race Indigo Children are not Walk-ins Indigo Children are Very Intelligent Indigo Children Entered in 1997 Indigo Children will be Healthy Indigo Children’s DNA Changed Before Birth Indigo Children’s Purpose to Raise Intelligence The Lord’s Prayer  

Articles for Pathways to the Future – Not in Books

Articles Artificial Life Computer Piano Lessons Ethereal Electric Energy – Pt 1 Ethereal Electric Energy – Pt 2 Fourth Dimensional Thinking – Daily Life Fourth Dimensional Thinking – Visualization Exercises Freezing can Preserve Life Grid System – Music and Math Healing Rooms of the Future Holographic Images Music and Color – Used for Healing New Energy Compared to Cola New Energy is Here New Energy will Affect Air, Water, Fire and Soil New Energy will Affect Electricity Pollution UFOs – Mass Landings are Unthinkable Worship in the Future

Articles for Journeys in the Present – Not from Books

Articles Arthritis Healing Ascension is a State of Mind Ask Yourself Chrysalis Teachings – Development and Change Chrysalis Teachings – Prophesied 85 Years Ago Compare Universe to Humans Creativity Goals Historical Research Humans are Transformers Inner Being – Pt 1 Inner Planes are Different than Dreams Inner Planes are Twelve Dimensions of the Mind Intuition is Function of Higher Nature Karma – An Example Manifestation Meditation Metaphysical Knowledge Mind Dimensions Older people and Retirement Our Prison System – Study of Contact with Others Planning Special Events Present in the Moment Preserving Evolutionary Changes Responsibility for Animals Secret Group of Businessmen Self Esteem and Self Confidence The Bermuda Triangle The HAARP Project The New Creation – A Picture The New Creation – Barter The New Creation – Music in the Future The Spiritual Path – Planets 1 – 4 The Spiritual Path – Planets 5 & 6 The Spiritual Path – Planet 7 – Pt 1 The Spiritual Path – Planet 7 – Pt 2 The Spiritual Path – Planets 8 – 12 Two Different Kinds of Energy Using Alcohol Wrong Perceptions Your Spiritual Journey Compared to a Mouse

Articles for Windows on the Past – Not from Books

Articles Ancient Teachings Creation Hieroglyphics – A Pictorial Language Hydrogen in Different Kingdoms Hydrogen is the Creator – Pt 1 Hydrogen is the Creator – Pt 2 Hydrogen is the Creator – Pt 3 Life for the Soul is Like Looking in a Mirror Manna Nuclear Seed of the Creator in Man Soul Incarnates Each Lifetime Spark Compared to an Actor The Ancient Mysteries The Seedcore The Soul The Timeline of Eternity We are an Experiment

Those Amazing Aliens

People need to be educated about Aliens and UFOs. True spirituality cannot be prevalent on earth until aliens and UFOs are understood. Humanity must begin to tie in the fact of space ships and space flights to the Bible tales and they will all become so obvious. Take every saying that has been repeated for the last 2000 years and interpret it from the angle of a universal citizen. All that is needed is common sense. Buy Now – Digital $3.99 Buy Now – Paperback $6.99   Articles Beings from Other Dimensions Energy – Seeing Aliens Energy – Sperm can Transcend Dimensions Planet Ten – Pt 1 Planet Ten – Pt 2 UFOs – Are the Other Halves of our Souls UFOs – Communication with Aliens UFOs – Hologram Experiences UFOs – Inside the Minds of Humans UFOs – Mind is Transformer for Sightings UFOs – My Abduction  

Norma – My Story

This book tells how I started channeling. I decided on my fiftieth birthday to take the day to try to write music – something I’d never tried to do. The music started pouring out – four complete songs the first day. After about a year of writing music and lyrics, the writing changed and the beautiful spiritual teachings, the Chrysalis Teachings, started flowing in the same way the music had done. Buy Now – Digital $2.99 Buy Now – Paperback $5.99   Articles My Adventures as a Musician – Pt 1 My Adventures as a Musician – Pt 2 My Earthquake Experience My Out-of-Body Experience Personal Experience of Princess Diana’s Death UFOs – The Phoenix Lights    

Cataclysms – A New Look at Earth Changes

This book explains why predictions of upheavals most often don’t happen; that through a pole of memories in the conglomerate mind, people are seeing  cataclysms from the past; that predictions of cataclysms are actually a part of the spiritual path. You are also taken on a journey into fourth dimensional thought and given an explanation of  why we need to raise our consciousness. Buy Now – Paperback $7,99   Articles Earth Changes Earthquakes – Pt 1 Earthquakes – Pt 2 Fourth Dimensional Thinking – Changeover Time Fourth Dimensional Thinking – Different than Third Fourth Dimensional Thinking – Evolved State of Mind Fourth Dimensional Thinking – New Thoughts on Eating Weather Changes      

Vol 12 – Improving our World

There is a need to guide our country’s consciousness to reflect a higher, less emotional response to humanities’ place in the scheme of the universe. Do not misunderstand. Emotion has a place in this new society of the synthesized man. The restructured response is compassion, joy and love all rolled into one emotion. Emotion will be as a feeling of peace with any situation. It is time for sorrow, weeping and wild elation to pass out of the picture. Buy Now – Digital $7.99 Buy Now – Paperback $9.43   Articles A New Century City Balancing the Budget – Pt 1 Balancing the Budget – Pt 2 Capital Punishment is Against Universal Law Change through Restructuring Chrysalis Teachings – Guidelines for the Teachings Combating Crime Dreams – Pt 1 Evil International Peace New Century Government New Health Plan for the New Century Our Prison System – Great Changes are Needed Our Prison System – Sexual Education Our Prison System – Study of Contact with Others Subliminal Tapes The New Creation – Sociological Change The New Creation – More Changes to Come  

Vol 11 – SunScience

SunScience, the Creator’s science, uses the natural elements coming from the sun, combined with the Science of Music (vibrational tuning). It will provide non-polluting solutions to our problems and show how science and spirituality can work together. SunScience will be the beacon light for the entrance into the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the pervasion of all things by spirit. Buy Now – Digital $7.99 Buy Now – Paperback $9.43   Articles Benefits from Light and Music Cosmic Energies Flowing in our Bodies Healing Benefits of Light and Music Holograms Speed of Light Theory The Evolution of Light –  Pt 1 The Evolution of Light – Pt 2 The Law of Pervasion – Pt 1 The Law of Pervasion – Pt 2 The New Creation – Changes to Come The New Creation – Education will be Restructured

Vol 10 – Innovative Chrysalis Schools

There is hardly a starting point for restructuring our education system without a totally new beginning. The Chrysalis Experimental Schools propose that this new beginning be bringing the arts back into education. The system we have been using for educational standards and guidelines is no longer applicable for today’s times. It served most people well in the past, but it is time for a change. An entirely new approach must be put into place. Buy Now – Digital $7.99 Buy Now – Paperback $9.50   Articles Chrysalis Schools – Preschools Chrysalis Schools – New Playgrounds Chrysalis Schools – Statement of Mission Cyclic Classes Needed for Young Minds Education – Part 1 Education – Part 2 Esoteric and Exoteric Education Music and Color – In Science Specialties Schools Music Classes in Grade Schools Music in the Fourth Dimension Music Raises the IQ of Children – Pt 1 Music Raises the IQ of Children – Pt 2 Using Analogies for Teaching