Vol 9 – The Science of Music

The Science of Music can be the “tie that binds” religion and science together. Music has been only thought of and loved as an art form in the past. Its true position is as the Father of all Science. Music is the ultimate form of communication between all creations in all universes. There is a way, through music, to communicate with all kingdoms. This way will be given through the Vibratory Charts that will come out of the Science of Music.

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Bridge to Tomorrow Park

Building the Pyramids

Cars – Electric and Radon

Crystal Water Reservoir

Healing Machine

Homeless Sleep Shelters

Housing Modules are Wave of the Future

Instruments of the Future

Music and Color – Tones and Colors are Related

Music and Color – Vibrations Must have Movement

Musical Motors

New Solar Energy System

Personal Music Charts

The Science of Music – Introduction

The Science of Music – Questions and Answers

The Science of Music – The Seven Sciences

The Science of Music – Used to Build Pyramids

The Science of Music – Vibrations

Transformer Charts




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