Vol 7 – An Informative Book of Health

A human being is a complicated and intricate “piece of equipment.” Humanity is trying to correct a very complicated makeup with simple tools and it cannot be done. It is to be compared to digging up a football field with a teaspoon to the level of one foot deep. It is an impossible job with no end in sight. To be able to understand the tools needed they must first understand their complicated makeup.

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An Experimental Way of Eating

Crystals – Faceting – Pt 1

Crystals – Faceting – Pt 2

Crystals – Healing

Homosexuality – Function of the Soul

Homosexuality – Reverse Body Assignments

Life Extension

Musical Tuning of Food

Nutrition for Channeling

Nutritional Feeding of Cells


Search for Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

The Body is a Perfect Universe







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