Vol 4 – Pt 2 – New Creation – A Thoughtful Look at Our Future

The Bible is a history book. It must be brought into the present to be applicable today. As progress has been made in all other areas of human lives, why can’t humanity accept progress in the one thing that is most important to their very beings? The true God within each must be a wise, intelligent God, a pure reflection of the heavenly God. There is no way to accomplish this without understanding the simple spiritual concepts given in the new teachings.

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Code of Ethics for a Planetary Citizen

Energy Influences Everything

Extension of Self

Graduation from the Earth Plane – Pt.  1

Graduation from the Earth Plane – Pt. 2

Impaired Vision

Karma is Soul-Instigated Action

Love Divine


One with God

Renewed Consciousness

Seven Spirits to Wash the Earth




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