Vol 4 – Pt 1 – Old Creation – A Thoughtful Look at Our Past

We are not alone, have never been alone, only in our own minds. When certain passages about space ships and spacemen were deleted from the Bible, it was and is a much more serious problem than any yet realize. This is not the direct fault of any on earth today; but it is the fault, indirectly, of all on earth today because we were all here on earth, as other entities, when the misinterpretations crept in.

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Biblical Misinterpretations – Pt. 1

Biblical Misinterpretations – Pt. 2

Biblical Misinterpretations – Pt. 3

Born Again Should be Rebirth into Continuity


Free Will – Pt. 1

Free Will – Pt. 2

Jesus and Psychic Powers

Jesus was Proof of Reincarnation & Eternal Life

Jesus was Taught by the Essenes

Jesus’s Mission was too Soon

Seven Concepts

Seven Gifts

Seven Guidelines for Beginners

Seven Virtues

Ten Points to Ponder

The Old and New Testaments

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