Vol. 2 – Pt. 2 – The Brain – A Closer Look at Our Powerhouse

The human brain is capable of tremendous feats, but most of them will not be sustainable until the physical form is more highly evolved. There is a potential powerhouse in each human, but what good would it do to release the power if the form cannot sustain it?  If you were to use the highest mind level you are capable of, you would be able to fly through the air with no means of propulsion except your mind.

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Building a Clone in your Mind

Compare Brain to Universe


How the Mind is formed

Intuition is Tiny Voice of Right & Wrong

Mind Compared to Phonograph Record

Possession and Attachment


The Brain – Four Parts

The Brain – Breaking the  Membranes

The Brain – Reaching the Upper Levels

The Brain – Reprogramming the Brain

The Brain – Stages of Synthesization Compared to a House

The Brain – Twelve Levels of Function

The Pineal Gland

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