Vol. 2 – Pt. 1 – The Chakras – A Closer Look at Our Energy Centers

There is a whole field of work with the chakras that can be opened up. They truly are your connection with your inner being, you know, and are the single most important gift from your Creator to help you synthesize the body and soul. Can you begin to understand that the openings of these levels of the chakras are tied into the physical life and the events that take place there?  They are actually a part of the aging process in humanity.

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Chakras are Organs of the Ethereal Body

Chakras of the World

 Levels of the 1st Chakra

Levels of the 2nd Chakra

 Levels of the 3rd Chakra

Levels of the 4th Chakra

Levels of the 5th Chakra

 Levels of the 6th Chakra

 Levels of the 7th Chakra

 Levels of the 8th Chakra

Heart Chakra is Transformer

Homosexuality Given More Publicity

Medical Problems with Opening the Chakras

Rings of Love

The Passing of Genes

Tuning Chakras can Transmute Matter






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