Vol 12 – Improving our World

There is a need to guide our country’s consciousness to reflect a higher, less emotional response to humanities’ place in the scheme of the universe. Do not misunderstand. Emotion has a place in this new society of the synthesized man. The restructured response is compassion, joy and love all rolled into one emotion. Emotion will be as a feeling of peace with any situation. It is time for sorrow, weeping and wild elation to pass out of the picture.

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A New Century City

Balancing the Budget – Pt 1

Balancing the Budget – Pt 2

Capital Punishment is Against Universal Law

Change through Restructuring

Chrysalis Teachings – Guidelines for the Teachings

Combating Crime

Dreams – Pt 1


International Peace

New Century Government

New Health Plan for the New Century

Our Prison System – Great Changes are Needed

Our Prison System – Sexual Education

Our Prison System – Study of Contact with Others

Subliminal Tapes

The New Creation – Sociological Change

The New Creation – More Changes to Come


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