Those Amazing Aliens

People need to be educated about Aliens and UFOs. True spirituality cannot be prevalent on earth until aliens and UFOs are understood. Humanity must begin to tie in the fact of space ships and space flights to the Bible tales and they will all become so obvious. Take every saying that has been repeated for the last 2000 years and interpret it from the angle of a universal citizen. All that is needed is common sense.

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Beings from Other Dimensions

Energy – Seeing Aliens

Energy – Sperm can Transcend Dimensions

Planet Ten – Pt 1

Planet Ten – Pt 2

UFOs – Are the Other Halves of our Souls

UFOs – Communication with Aliens

UFOs – Hologram Experiences

UFOs – Inside the Minds of Humans

UFOs – Mind is Transformer for Sightings

UFOs – My Abduction


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