The Sparks First Try at Entering Bodies


Norma Hickox

When the fourth world, planet earth, was completed a large lightning bolt, the solar flare, from our sun Lucifer, landed on it and the energy shattered. Up at the top of this whirlpool, the energy snapped loose and shattered into billions of fiery sparks. This was what Lucifer wanted. Now these sparks could get into some of those bodies, the bigger ones, the ones that were standing on their two hind legs and walking around. Those were the ones the sparks wanted to enter, and every one of the sparks automatically, instinctively knew which of those strange creatures they wanted to go into. The ones walking around standing upright were having more fun. They knew more about what was going on. They had better minds and were more aware. The shattering of the sparks provided an individualized piece of strong energy to enter the more advanced life forms, the ape-man or cave-man, if you will, that was standing upright, that populated this fourth planet earth at this time.

Grandfather Michael had always given these sparks (Lucifer or humanity) free will, but this time He gave them even more free will. He told them to see what they could experience. But what a nightmare! They couldn’t even control the motions of the “thing.” They couldn’t make it obey their commands at all. When they tried to go one direction, the “thing” took off in exactly the opposite direction. How awful. It really was a terrible experience, but wouldn’t it be fun if they could learn to control one of those. But that animal will, or determination or ego was very strong and because the energy had split into all those tiny, tiny sparks, they just were not strong enough to control the animal bodies. Now, had the energy not shattered into such tiny little sparks; had it shattered into bigger globs of the divineness, perhaps those bigger sparks could have gone into the animal forms and been able to control them. The way it was, the energy shattered too far, so Lucifer couldn’t come back out of the animal bodies without some help. In this respect, Lucifer did not plan far enough ahead.

But He really wanted to experience more. He went back to the drawing board. He asked himself how He going to accomplish this. The happenings in this world that He had created had caused interest in other areas. Lucifer knew that His antics, trying to inhabit those forms, had been watched by those from other worlds. He called in help from a brother of His, another Central Sun from another solar system who sent this help in the shape of comets. This was electrical energy. Lucifer pulled back up out of the bodies when this help came in.

Lucifer wanted to be able to eat of the fruit of the earth, to enjoy the bonding of male and female, which He had never experienced in just that way. Those guys down there were the only ones that did experience it that way and He wondered what it really was like. He really wanted to experience that and not only that, but also water. He wondered what it would feel like to just be in water; to get right down in the water, to have your whole body get wet, or to walk around in the dirt and kick it with those sticks they were walking on. Let’s invent a word for them. Let’s call them legs with feet on them. He wanted to kick that dirt around and feel it. He also wanted to hear the different sounds through their ears; the songs of the birds, the sound of a breeze, a wind blowing, and a crack of thunder.

Yes, He could hear the sounds when He was in thought-form, but it was different. He was sure that thunder must have been a frightening thing to those cave men down there. He really and truly wanted to get down there and find out but it couldn’t work as the form was not refined enough. So, through experimentation, they finally refined the forms so the first group of sparks could try again to enter the bodies. The second try took place about seven hundred thousand years ago.

As the physical forms continue to evolve, they absorb more of Lucifer. This would be our dual nature. The next stage is raising up our vibratory level to the higher level, the spiritual level, thereby bringing Lucifer, which is thus far our dual nature, up out of the duality, into the higher vibrations of the spiritual. This is the point where an entity becomes soul-infused. As he then works even harder on raising his consciousness, he will eventually reach the divine, the Creator, the central core of the universe, his God Within, the apex of his mind.