The Crystal at Atlantis


Norma Hickox

The Crystal of Atlantis was a dark red but had a mottled look, showing dark and light spots in the inside. It was fairly large, about 30 feet in diameter at the bottom, narrowing in to perhaps 5 feet at the crown. It was faceted according to the mathematical calculations of the course of the sun. It did not track by turning but tracked the sun by faceting. Because the sun was constantly moving, this involved a series of facets so fine as to be almost one solid ring around the crystal. There were actually seven rings all faceted or carved with the most intricate, precision-like cuts. The cuts caught the sun’s rays; each ring caught them differently according to its pattern.

The reflected auras of the crystal were then caught and harnessed at different areas of the land. The channels between each facet allowed maximum storage of the ray in any particular area at one time. Then it would be picked up by the next “station.”  The seven rings were as follows:

  1. Air transportation
  2. Communication with space ships
  3. Energy to run pumping systems for irrigation purposes
  4. Growing food
  5. Healing
  6. Secret work by priests
  7. Accentuator ring.

The topmost ring, the 7th was used to energize the crystal so the other six rings were more potent than they would have been without the seventh or top ring. The color of red came from the stone the crystal was carved from. It was polished and the surface was smooth with all the intricate faceting being on the underneath side. If the facets had been directly exposed to the sun it would immediately have caused havoc in all the land due to the chaotic and powerful rays that would have been shooting off the crystal. The only way to control it was to have the facets on the underneath side and then control them with the accentuating ring at the top of the crystal. This was all mathematically designed. The stone that was used was brought from another planet. There is no such stone available on the earth today.

The theory behind the crystal of Atlantis is – the whole universe formed into a crystalline lattice at the time of the big bang. It is in the forming of the lattice that we find the necessary processes to give birth to new creations. Without the ice structure to reflect off of, the initial light would have scattered out into the far reaches of the universe. The forming of the superstructure allowed containment of the light and reflection of the light, without which there could have been no vibrations and therefore no life forms.

Each universe formed a lattice of twelve “corners,” if you will, because of the refraction from the superstructure, and each solar system formed in its own corner of the lattice. There is a distinct order to these solar systems. The lattice is responsible for the vibrations.

The grid map that we have over our planet is a small part of this crystalline lattice of the universe. The rays of the suns between the universes and the superstructure strike the crystalline lattice containing each universe and cause several reactions to take place. To begin with, it separates the universe into a network of vibratory fields which manifest in different dimensions. These dimensions then operate and grow and evolve within their own vibratory field.

Picture it as a crystal or diamond that the sun shines on. Each facet of the crystal will give off or emit the colored light of its particular musical tone. There are twelve musical tones in each crystalline lattice that formed at beginning creation. These lattices are made up of ice that formed out of the superstructure of the explosion. They became frozen streams of time and space. This was the theory behind the huge crystal at Atlantis.