The Body is a Perfect Universe


Norma Hickox

 The body is a perfect universe that will automatically process all that takes place in it, if it is not interfered with by the conscious mind. If left to function on “automatic pilot,” it tends to stay well-balanced and cleansed. This is why the higher mind levels must be reached. This takes the process of bodily functions out of the conscious mind and keeps them where they belong, in the subconscious mind, the lower levels.

Remember please, that a human life will encompass all stages of evolution up to the present in the one lifetime. In other words, each individual will go through the age periods in his own life cycle. His beginnings as a baby will echo the brand-new animal-man, bewildered, but determined to survive. Frustrated by lack of communication, he learns to talk. First he crawls, and then he stands up and walks. He is educated and he goes through stages of fear and stages of idol worship and stages of sexual exploration and stages of rebellion and stages of accepting responsibility. He has forward spurts in progress and periods of darkness.

If a chart of all humanities’ evolution were made, similar to a tapestry marking physical, mental and emotional periods in black and white, this would be a help in understanding a person’s behavior problems and predicting what the next stage would be and seeing that no stage is skipped. This is very important and happens, due to many causes, much more frequently than might be realized and has far more damaging effects than is now realized. In fact, this is one of the biggest factors in the world’s problems at the moment. All must experience each stage of humanities’ evolution. No matter for how short a time period, it must not be skipped.

This one guideline would be very necessary to those directing education for children and also for those in charge of health for children and adults alike. If one of these stages is skipped, there is a breakdown in the health of the individual, manifesting either physically, mentally or emotionally. This is what causes spontaneous abortions of fetuses, the skipping of a stage of the creation process. No stage can be skipped by any.