Relationships Patterned After Atoms


Norma Hickox 

Instead of dissipating, like a cloud in our sky will break up and disappear, the remnants of the fiery gas of creation, hydrogen, were frozen for all time as they drifted off into the absolute zero degrees of the virgin outer space in which the big bang took place. Here they formed a superstructure over everything. This superstructure or crystalline lattice, then, is frozen hydrogen in outer space.

The coming together of vibratory patterns that cause male, female or blended energy is simply a reflection of light off of the lattice. It is a mathematical happening. The slant of the particular surface of the lattice that the sun is striking determines the vibration that is sounded from the meeting of the light ray and the reflecting surface, which eventually produces a tiny drop of condensation.

When the light reflects off the lattice at certain points the whole array of vibratory rates of the scale is available and programs the bit of condensation with all the vibrations. These are the males. They are not as numerous as the females because the females are formed of single bits of vibration. This is why the male is positive energy because it is a completed scale. The female is negative energy because it is only one single vibratory rate of the scale.

The shells of the atoms are orbits of the female energy around the balanced core. This core consists of the male and the neutral energies. Because the neutral energy, the neutron, is half male, this, combined with the total male energy of the proton, serves as an overbalance of male energy. This, in itself, requires more female energy to need to be attracted. Because the female energy is in motion it is not as strong as the central core which is stationary. This causes the need for even more female energy.

The best way to describe it is to split the male energy into eight pieces and the neutral energy into eight pieces. Half of the neutron is female and half is male so this would give us a total of twelve bits of male energy.

The females will need to be eight in number and when combined with the four bits of female energy from the neutron, make up twelve bits of female energy. The female energy is on a ratio of eight electrons to complete a scale while the male has the complete scale within himself with the neutron giving the extra four to bring it to a twelve-tone scale when the time comes for this to happen. For the time being all is based on the eight-tone completed scale. This is the way the proton is programmed.

The female is a better transmitter due to being a single point of energy, whereas the male would not be quite as clear due to over-frequencies. These over-frequencies are also why he is attracted to all females while the female being a single frequency is attracted to only one frequency within the makeup of a given male, the dominant frequency in that male that is exposed externally. The male, on the other hand is equally balanced internally with all vibrations so all females are attractive to him. However, more often than not, the dominant externally expressed frequency is quite often attracted to the female wearing this frequency and therefore two that are compatible do match up. It depends on the strength of the internal remainder of vibratory rates as to how the male chooses to react to other females. The stronger the internal life of a male, the more attraction other females will have for him. If the internal life is not progressed the male will most likely be content in a monogamous relationship. Therefore, the more evolved and open spiritually with the inner life, the more frequent the attractions to other females are. A lesser evolved male will be content with his matching vibratory rate female.

A female who is growing and evolving and expanding will not be content with a less evolved male and will be attracted to the more evolved male and will need to understand that his internal makeup and growth and evolvement will always cause him to seek all female vibrations until he settles into his true mission in life and begins externally expressing the dominant vibration for his mission.

This may happen several times that he will want to change females, say every time he moves into a new area of fulfilling his spiritual mission. Therefore, if a man changes profession he will eventually most likely change females. When he steps to a higher mission-related career he will most likely change females again. The man who stays in one job most of his life, or at least does not constantly grow into new and more challenging positions serving him as spiritual growth material, will be content with one woman. On the other hand, the woman who is a single vibratory rate and will remain so all her life must constantly strive to fill the remainder of the scale she is expressing with elusive tendencies of all the other vibrations.

This is the drive of the female electrons to fill the shell. A female will steadily increase the intensity of her single-minded vibration as she grows and evolves, and eventually will grow past the male who is not growing and will be attracted to a male who is externally expressing her vibration as his dominant manifested vibration for that stage of his spiritual mission of evolvement.

The subatomic particles are free floating in the air as part of our atmosphere. We are surrounded by them; we move and breathe in a “soup” of them. There is an unending supply of them. When the time comes to start a new shell there will be so many clamoring to be the one chosen that it will be chaos until the strongest wins out.

This battle over being the one who wins the male is patterned into the female energy and is reflected in female humans. The relationship between human behavior and the makeup of atoms will readily show where the patterns for male and female behavior had their beginnings. Humans are, after all, a manifestation of the Creator’s energy, the same as all evolution is. All life, action and behavior are a repeated pattern.