Norma Hickox


There are many reasons involved in each case of obesity.  We can set down some generalized guidelines, but each must be weighed and pondered on individually to get any specific help for anyone. Some of the causes are environmental in the physical realm.  Some, nay most, are found in the emotional body.  Many are due to mental attitudes and even a certain few are found embedded in the spiritual body. There must be a coordinated effort of all areas of this life experience.  Remember that light food produces lighter emotions that will produce a lighter body that will allow light to enter the spiritual thought that will reinforce eating lightly.  A full circle of change and restructuring of attitudes.


To narrow these down, the physical factors are those things found in the food chain that react with the body make-up in individuals and cause an explosion of fat cells causing the person to become obese, or an implosion of fat cells that are then washed away with body fluids and the person remains thin, but not necessarily healthy.  The reactions that cause fat cells to explode and reproduce more fat cells are reversible with correct diet for that individual.  Obesity can be reversed and the harm can be eliminated.


The emotional causes are deep-seated and harder to overcome, but very necessary to overcome. Clothing the body in extra fat becomes a way of hiding emotions, those true inner feelings that you want no one else to know. These are not necessarily bad feelings, just very personal feelings – those of tenderness and  compassion and love of all living things that cause you embarrassment leading to a separative nature that holds you back from being a part of the all.  There is usually an egotistic feeling of wanting to be different from others, therefore wanting to remain secretive about your feelings.


The mind must be the coordinator of all this.  It must direct the experiments of food and note reactions from different elements in the diet.  At the same time, it must realize the necessity of Spiritual enlightenment and allow itself to stretch with wonderings of “what if.” This will in turn allow the emotional body to expand and allow others to touch it and know it and little by little eliminate the need to hide from others behind a cushion of fat.


If you clothe yourself in fat, encase yourself in this armor, you feel secure that none will discover the real you. The only solution to this is spiritual enlightenment of the truths that eliminate the ego that holds on to the separate feelings that need to have the armor of the fat body.  Spiritually, this fat body can be replaced with an armor of light energy which can give the person the same feeling of protection.  This will relieve the necessity of eating to hide your emotions from the world.