Nutritional Feeding of Cells


Norma Hickox

Help for the skin can be accomplished from the inside out in the form of nutritional feeding of cells. This is a fairly new field and does need to be developed more extensively. It will involve determining skin types and analyzing the consistency of the skin and then taking appropriate vitamin supplements to aid your particular skin. Also, facial massage needs to be learned and understood and practiced and above all protection from the sun must be employed at all time.

There are certain ingredients which will enter the blood stream and those that will not. Anything of an oily nature will only sink a small distance until the pores are filled and then will go no further. The ingredients that are mixed in this oily substance are also blocked.

Substances with a water base will enter the blood stream. This includes some of the newer line of make-up care. The older products were most always based in oil so the danger from them is negligible. The newer ones, while based in water, have tempered the harshness of the ingredients to the point where they are also harmless. The one ingredient we would caution you to look for and avoid is stearates or steroids in any form, as they can and will enter the blood stream and cause anemia.

Other than this one ingredient, we feel there is no cause for concern. Also, the skin of the face is of a different texture than that of the rest of the body and does not assimilate anything applied to it as quickly as other parts of the body. One thing we would caution against would be tattoos, especially large tattoos.

We believe that hygiene classes should be incorporated in early education classes as well as teenage education classes. The hygiene of the physical body is very important to the proper functioning of the inner organs. This has not been correlated yet, not even in your physician’s minds to the extent that it needs to be.

There are many things that need to be changed in your present world. One of them is the soap that is used for bathing and laundry and dishes. All of it needs to be minus the perfumes and oils that do penetrate the skin and definitely impact the internal organs.

The same goes for makeup. There can also be a process that can help a person determine suitability of different products but this is in the future. For the time being, the ingredients in all kinds of soap should be studied and their effect on the organs, the internal organs of the body, should be determined.

Hair care products are a big problem area. Anything that is in these products that will be absorbed into the skin has to pass through the cells of the whole body on its way out of the system. The body needs to be thought of as a contained ecological system. Natural ingredients in shampoos will leave their nutrition in all areas of the body the same as harmful products will do their damage in all areas, the brain included. This class should be begun right away. It could be part of the sensuality class, but is so important that we believe it should be a class of its own – Physical Hygiene.