Musical Tuning of Food


Norma Hickox

The Blood Test Machine will be technology in the future for finding the musical pitch of the blood or the keytone of the blood and will open up the door to the correct way of eating for everyone. This same technology will allow not only each human’s keytone and harmonizing tones to be found, but also the very food he should eat can have the tones found in the same manner. The Blood Test Machine will be tested on maple sap instead of blood to begin with. Juice from fruits and vegetables will give their vibratory tone in the same manner as the blood will.

When the correct or matching tone of food to the human’s blood is found it lays out the perfect diet for each one. The fruits and vegetables will be in different octaves of resonance than human blood, but octaves of resonance are the basic method for eating right. After food is found on the octaves, it then goes into harmonizing tones that brings in a whole different group of fruits and vegetables to add to the primary group for each person. When one eats something that is in disharmony with the main vibratory rate of his body, it is setting up circumstances to deteriorate that body.

Also, in the future there will be a Healing Machine invented that can take care of not only the process of determining the vibratory rate of food but will also do the actual tuning before the food is ingested. This machine will sit on the counter top in the kitchen and the food will be passed under a light, each food, individually before a plate is filled to be eaten. This is, of course, in the future but this light has already been invented although those who invented it have no idea of this usage for it. This machine will also tell you what the body needs to have and you need only ingest that ingredient.

In the meantime, until these two machines are invented, we can try some of the following thoughts on the musical tuning of food. To do this you need to realize that the notes of the C major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) match the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). Both the musical scale and the matching colors then match up with the 7 chakras of the body starting with the root chakra, the 1st chakra, matching the tone of C and the color of red and so forth.

You take the color of the food and tune it mentally to that scale before eating it and then tune the matching chakra in your body to that particular scale. The color will be difficult to determine; it is an intuitive thing. You must look at the food, sense it and get a feeling of its color vibration or even musical vibration. The first thing that comes to mind will be the most accurate. You cannot go by its actual color. Each thing on your plate will be a different tuning so you must learn to do this quickly. Even while eating the food you can do the tuning.

Remember, you cannot depend too much on the color. The best criterion is what note of the C major scale does it resonate with? Just mentally go over the scale and when you find the note, accept it, don’t question it and tune the food to that note. When you get better at this, you can switch to the chromatic scale for even finer tuning. You see, when you tune the food musically you are “killing,” so to speak, any vibration that is not in harmony with that scale. Your body automatically tunes in to that scale and you ingest the food tuned to that scale.

This will change your eating habits whereby you eat all of one food at one time instead of a mixture, one bite of this, one of that, etc. Each different vibration of food must be taken into the body in the key that the food is vibrating to, so the body must shift to that key before the food is ingested. Your body will do this automatically, but it is too much to keep up with when you move around the plate. The value of the food that is not “killed” is enhanced, sharpened, fine-tuned and is quickly put to use. The ingredients that are not in harmony pass directly through to the elimination system and do not cling to walls of the inner lining of any part of the body. They are programmed, so to speak, to act as filler to make you feel full but not to contribute in any way to the system other than taking up space for a short period of time to ease any hunger pangs.

The way given to eat in the previous blog is in harmony with all this musical tuning. For breakfast, the fruits, when tuned, have a sharpness to them that penetrates the cells and cleanses. For lunch, the grains, when tuned, act as bulk filler, washing and scrubbing out the impurities of the system that the fruit has penetrated and loosened. The rougher the grains and fiber you eat the more scrubbing and cleansing and collecting of the impurities that is done. For the evening meal, the protein and vegetables and your vitamin and mineral or protein supplements are tuned and ingested, one at a time into a clean, clear tract whereby the body will assimilate and fine tune the cells to allow the vibration of the cells to remain very high.

As far as actually losing weight this will come as the mind believes that it is possible and that it will happen. More exercise will give you more energy which will in turn allow the body to assimilate the nutrients of the tuned food. This process will take about six months. It is not going to be a fast weight loss and it should not be tied to a goal so that you do not lose patience and try some fast fad diet.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to eat whatever you want as long as you tune it, because if there is nothing of any value in the food that your body can use it will all act as filler and pass directly through. Therefore, you should not refuse or reject something that, in the moment, you really crave or feel like having. There is most likely some benefit to be derived from it if you crave it, even cookies or ice cream. These seem to be two major hang-ups for a lot of people along with cake and pie. If this new way of eating is followed you will find yourself not craving them any longer and will indeed refuse them out of wanting to refuse them, not out of guilt about the weight they will put on you.

There is more that needs to be given on this way of eating but not until after you have experimented with this process. Most people can find the answer to problems with eating through good common sense and the guidelines given here. Remember, it is not a fast method, but it may be the answer to the overweight problem in humanity.