Life Extension


Norma Hickox

Life extension on the planet certainly is a worthwhile goal for mankind. The length of time must be quality time though. Therefore, the quality of life is a more important goal. The quality of life extends throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of humanity. It would be useless for man to spend, for instance, one hundred and fifty years on the earth if the last seventy-five of them were to be spent in ill health due to pollution of all aspects of his life causing him to be bed ridden and useless. Therefore, anyone working with life extension needs to be working with the quality of life. The quality will then automatically extend the life.

The Chrysalis Teachings are basically all about life extension, but perhaps not focusing exactly in the direct application of ways to extend man’s life. The realities of it all are immense and the Chrysalis Teachings are focused on bringing through concepts that touch on all fields through the scientific application of the Science of Music. This is where many of the answers lie that will then enable others to bring through more direct application of these concepts to individual humanity.

For instance, when the Vibratory Charts are finished, the new minerals will be known to exist by science and the search will begin. As it is now, there is no proof for the scientists that we are missing any minerals. They need to have the mathematical, musical proof that there are many missing. These missing minerals will then be a way to better health for all through the food chain.

The condition of each body is of vital importance. One may be able to deal with two aspects of a task or, say a musical performance, and if the third aspect is unable to keep pace, the performance will never go beyond mediocre. All three aspects must be developed simultaneously. This should be applied to all teaching. You are not dealing with a single unit; you are dealing with trinities, and remember that each part of each trinity splits into its own trinity with twelve levels of progression in each. The teachings need to be broken down into these trinities and will be. Charts need to be drawn up of these twelve levels of all three parts of all three bodies to be used as guidelines.

The Physical Body would consist of the physical organs and the animal-based brain. It would have as its components the digestive system and the elimination system of the body along with, of course, all the moving parts of the body, including the five senses. It will need to be tuned and honed to the best possible condition through correct diet, balanced exercise and right mental attitude. The three parts of the Physical Body are:

  • The Genetic Heritage branch will be equivalent to a physical family tree, but does not need to list names, only inherited physical traits.
  • The Divine Heritage branch will be a spiritual family tree, again no names need to be listed, (most won’t know them anyway,) only beliefs that are so deep-seated with a person that they can’t be shaken. If they are false beliefs, this will be brought to light and worked on. If true beliefs, they will be left as is.
  • The Environmental Heritage will be the third branch and will have a list of twelve influencing factors of the environment, from birth to present. These will have zero balance points, with good environmental influences as far as the physical body is concerned going up the scale and harmful influences on the physical body from the environment going down the scale. The same should be done with spiritual beliefs and physical traits.

The Emotional Body would consist of the aura surrounding the Physical Body – in other words, the ethereal body and the sixth sense, the intuition and sensitivity that goes along with this intuition. The Emotional Body also has use of the five other senses, but does not use the digestive or elimination systems unless it is out of balance. If it is out of balance this will cause the Emotional Body to use all the attributes that are really the Physical Body’s concern. This is a “sick” Emotional Body that will cause overeating, or the purging and vomiting that go with anorexia or those who commit suicide. A healthy Emotional Body will use the five senses for enjoyment of beauty, not for maintenance of the Physical Body. The three main parts of the Emotional Body are:

  • Divine Intervention as the Physical tie-in. Divine Intervention will have twelve levels of response to situations with zero balance in the center. These lower levels start with apathy and continue on up the scale and at the upper end they grow to interference.
  • Divine Guidance as the Teachers and Guides section. Divine Guidance is a gauge, also with a zero center, going down to not being open to any guidance, to the opposite end of the scale, that of waiting for the “voice of God” to tell one what to do. Zero balance is the average man in the street, as a guideline for you to determine levels. Going up the scale would be intuition, etc., going down would be glamour, etc.
  • Divine Love as the Universal Mind tie-in. There are twelve levels of the love section of the Emotional body. Zero balance is the absolute center, six above and six below. Pictured this way, you can see that humanity has a hard time, a very hard time, trying to keep zero balance and still be alive. It is almost impossible. When the scale starts tilting down, for any reason, one must bring in the Virtue of Compassion – compassion for those we are angry with; compassion for ourselves if we do not feel well. Compassion will be the check to balance the lower end of these twelve levels; compassion, not self-pity, and what a difference there is between these two words. To put a check on the other end of the scale, the upper end, we apply the Virtue of Truth as the brake pedal. If one gets over-elated at an event that has taken place, a good truthful evaluation must be made of the situation and if the feeling of elation is based on truth, let it flow free. Truth will show if it was a feeling based on false circumstances and the feeling of elation will ebb away. Love is, or should be, a state of balance between all emotions, a zero balance, so to speak. It is calmness, peacefulness, acceptance of situations, but at the same time to be intelligently aware of the tides of life that can upset this balance. It is a very fine balance point and the slightest thought of dissatisfaction or hint of anger, or even a bit of disease of the physical body can and will pull this balance point off-center. Yes, to go the other direction of the balance point is to get over-excited, impatient, eager, gullible, etc. I’m sure you can come up with more terms.
  • The Mental Body uses the brain more than the other two. The Physical Body is working on instinct, the Emotional Body on intuition, but the Mental Body works on intelligence. It will use the five other senses to help it in its understanding of the world, not for body maintenance and enjoyment of beauty like the other two bodies.

The Mental Body must be in the best shape possible by transmuting bad attitudes. It also must be kept in mind at all times that the Mental Body is made up of three parts as follows:

  • The Entity’s Own Mind
  • The Universal Mind
  • The Teachers and Guides

Moving up to higher mental levels will take a graded series of exercises. Some will be able to accomplish this much faster and with less effort than others. It will involve study in all three areas at once, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

The Spiritual Body is a well-balanced grasping of all aspects of beingness that the other three bodies encompass. This may sound like a complicated statement, but this is truly what the Spiritual Body is – a blending of the balances of the other three. This would be knowing when to use the senses for what purpose to keep the body in balance.

Ways the Different Bodies Express

  1. Physical – The Physical Body expresses just through moving in our daily lives.
  2. Emotional – The Emotional Body must have an artistic, creative release to express through. This is the only way the soul has to express. The soul must have an avenue of expression of its own. The other two bodies do not give any sense of satisfaction to the soul. It needs to express beauty in some form or other to color the other two bodies and make them reflect this beauty.
  3. Mental – Mental thought is the expression of the Mental Body, which is where Spirit is found.
  4. Spiritual – Spirit is above tugs of emotional pulls or drains. It is not without feeling, just on a higher and lighter octave. The soul is what gets caught up in activities of the physical body. The spirit is above this. It sees an over-all picture. It can look at the struggle of the soul, but the soul does not even sense the presence of spirit until the time is upon the soul to graduate to this stage of consciousness, which is when its battle with the Physical Body is won. When the soul and personality are joined they began to sense the presence of spirit and that is the direction of their path.

At the physical death of the form all three bodies return to where they came from:

  • The Physical Body returns to nature
  • The Emotional Body returns to soul
  • The Mental Body returns to the Universal Mind (spirit.)

If one has not reached this stage at physical death, there is nothing to give back to spirit. If he is aware of the difference between soul and personality, he gives back to soul. If not evolved enough for this awareness, the only thing he can give back is the physical form. One cannot demand repayment for something that is not present. It is continually amazing and astounding at times to see the perfection of the overall plan for everything in the universe.

There are many sources of upliftment for the Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies, such as books, music, lectures, art and all the beauties of nature, but what do we have to uplift the physical body? What one source of inspiration is there for the physical body that coincides with the sources available for the other three bodies? At present there is naught but hero worship of sports figures and idol worship of glamorous stage, screen and TV stars. The different branches of the medical field fight among themselves as much as do the different branches of the churches. There are too many varying theories of what is right and what is wrong for humanity to do for the betterment of their physical body. Simple living is the answer – the key to all physical needs. Keep it simple.