Homosexuality – Reverse Body Assignments


Norma Hickox


Homosexuality stems from reverse body assignments. In a reverse body assignment, the physical function and the animal-based brain are going to be the same sex. Therefore, the problems stem from whichever half of the soul is in incarnation. The form was chosen so that both the animal-based brain instincts of the sex could be experienced along with the actual physical functions such as having menstrual periods in a female and growing a beard in a male form – the actual physical manifestation of the two different sexes. The animal-based brain is then responsible for instinctive mental responses such as fear, anger, sexual arousal due to erotic material, jealousy – all the lower nature emotional reactions.

The soul then, through innate spiritual growth and wisdom, should be the “director” of the production (the incarnation) and be intrigued and fascinated by what the form experiences and at the same time accept that this form is foreign to the tendencies of his soul and consider the whole process an experiment and a learning situation.

Say, for instance, a male half of the soul is in a female physical form. There may be thoughts of repugnance at the first signs of the budding breasts. The thoughts are, do I have to go through life with these appendages on my chest. The animal-based brain kicks in and tries to get the soul to realize that not only do these attract the male sex, but also are used to nurture the young. This whole scenario sets up unbelievable duality in this individual.

It is at this stage in puberty that the decision is formed as to whether or not to cooperate with the body chosen to learn the lesson, or to rebel and try to make the form obey the tendencies of the soul. The form will not, cannot obey these tendencies and the duality increases. For instance, the form cannot demand that the breasts do not enlarge or that the menstrual cycle does not take place or that, in the case of a female soul in a male body that the whiskers don’t grow or the penis get an erection.

The duality increases to the point of a breakdown of the animal-based brain. Then this soul is in real trouble. Because of the strength of the soul expressing in an unwise way (not accepting the situation and learning and growing from it) the whole incarnation is wasted because you then have a soul who cannot express at all if the animal-based brain breaks down. This causes a stoppage of pure instinctive reactions which then makes the form that of a “walking zombie.” Many of the people in mental institutions are there because of this very situation. It most likely is the first experience of this soul in an opposite form.

The strength of the soul is the problem. If it has been allowed to incarnate too many times in its related physical form, then the first lifetime in an opposite form will be very difficult. The double spiral laid out for humanity is for equal experiences in both forms for both halves of the spark. This way, when they rejoin there is total harmony in the whole spark. If not, the spark could not progress onward on its spiritual path. This is a plan that is part of humanities’ divine heritage.

When the Personal Music Charts from the Science of Music can be used, they will eventually show which half of the spark is in incarnation. They will also eventually tell which number of lifetimes in the opposite form it is. Then the “first timers” could and should be educated and counseled as to what the purpose of the incarnation is and be helped as to how to deal with the duality that is the biggest hurdle to overcome. This duality is increased ten times in one in a reverse body situation, but if it is the “first time” in a reverse body the duality is increased one hundred times.

All universes and all kingdoms are founded on the basic elementary principle of positive and negative making a complete whole. This is true whether it is physical matter or ethereal matter. Two left shoes won’t make a complete pair and two right shoes won’t make a complete pair. You will not see a human with two right arms or two left arms. It is not a function of nature to not have a balance. There is duality in all individuals. If not, there would be no spark of friction to cause growth. When the animal-based brain shuts down, this duality is closed off and the incarnation wasted.

For the most part a homosexual is either a male half of the spark in a female body or a female half of the spark in a male body. These roles are chosen, 95% of the time, to learn how a physical form of the opposite sex functions and how an animal-based brain of the opposite sex thinks. This happens much more often than anyone realizes and causes much of humanities’ mental aberrations.

Homosexuality is a misdirection of purpose. The entity who is expressing in this manner should realize that he/she chose the form he/she is in for a purpose. Most likely this purpose was a repay of karma from a previous lifetime.

The ones who choose this method to learn a specific lesson in the realm of sexuality are the ones in whom it shows up as homosexuality. There are many on the earth plane in reverse bodies and most of them learn the lessons they returned for with no harm done and much progress made, except for those who chose it for this specific lesson of sexuality. They are causing much setback in progress for their soul when they give in to the instinct to mate with their own kind as far as physical forms go, but which, in reality, are the opposite sex as far as which half of the spark they are.

Now to realize that they would rather be with one of the same physical form denotes soul contact because they recognize that this is what attracts them, a soul of the opposite sex. Therefore, homosexuals cannot be said to be of low spiritual evolvement. This only serves to make more deplorable the fact that they don’t realize why they are here. Is this clear? They are evolved enough that with proper education on the earth plane, they should be able to realize they are here to learn a lesson and exercise enough self-discipline in the area of sexuality to be able to control their longing to be with the opposite part of the spark, no matter which it be.