Homosexuality – Function of the Soul


Norma Hickox


As far as using this knowledge to help these people select a compatible mate or partner, the intuition, which is a function of the soul, will be the first to give a response to another. If this response is favorable, then the instinct (a function of the animal-based brain) “kicks in” and either approves or disapproves by physical reactions to this person.

In the case of two male forms or two female forms meeting, the third section of the brain is needed to come in and apply the reasoning, intelligent mind and ask for insight into the implications of a relationship such as this on the spiritual growth process of the soul. This would also be true for a man and woman meeting, but absolutely necessary for two of the same sex.

Perhaps a homosexual relationship is the only way these two feel they can resolve karma between them, but this is not so. This will only add to the karma thus insuring yet another lifetime with this person with even harder lessons the next time.

The two, being advanced souls, need to do much work on themselves as far as finding the goals they entered to accomplish. If these are not found there is not much hope of a relationship being the answer for what one is seeking. It would serve as a stop-gap and would effectively slow one’s progress, but may, in the end, provide the opportunity for great strides forward in growth.

Homosexuality is a function of the soul and, as stated before, is an indication of a strong, but unwise soul. This soul knows that he was once unisex and will again be unisex, but he is denying the lessons needed to reach this state of being unisex by not functioning in the manner of expression of the form he chose to enter. This is what is meant by using the word unwise to describe this soul. In some, there are as many as six incarnations wasted by refusing these lessons and then the soul is set back to relearn earlier lessons before trying again to learn the lesson of functioning in reverse bodies.

For the most part this only happens in the first lifetime spent in the opposite physical form. Entities have to repeat this experience until they “get it right,” which is to say until they are able to live lives expressing love and sexuality to those who are the same half of the spark (male or female) that they are, only in forms of the opposite sex. Psychologists could help them if these people would consult them and if the psychologists themselves were aware of the problem. As it is now neither is taking place.

How can one ever learn compassion if he does not go through the lessons? Prejudice is also a lesson learned from reverse body assignments and one area of prejudice that is of concern today is that of homosexuality. Homosexuals are living more as souls than personalities. Perhaps this will further enlighten humanity as to their path.

This has a direct bearing on the disease called AIDS. The musical tones of the body will be found through body fluid in the future. The fluid called semen is one of the most important fluids as far as finding the soul tone in the male physical form. There is also a fluid generated by the female sexual organs that can be tested to discover their soul tone also. When this sexual fluid is transmitted to a form of the same sexuality there is a cross signal sent through the body’s electrical system that throws the immune system of this one awry. It causes a power shortage in the animal-based brain that makes the immune system powerless. It other words it becomes short-circuited because of receiving wrong input.

This disease is one of the few that has been caused by the more highly evolved of the species. It is caused by the reverse action from what most disease is caused by, which is an uneducated physical form causing damage due to no contact with the soul. AIDS is the opposite. It is caused by contact with the soul that is causing confusion in the physical form. When the semen is injected into the bowel tract of another man, it is recognized, by instinct present from the time of early evolution, as being the cells necessary to start new life – the only way to start new life, no matter which kingdom. This is very difficult to explain, but plants also have these cells, as of course do animals.

When the male form receives these cells in a location in the body where the pay back to the previous kingdom is taking place through decomposition, and the fluid is introduced that is meant to move forward (this process is pre-programmed in these cells) to the next kingdom, there is great confusion in the cells of this body. This then causes a short-circuit in all the cells of the body resulting in the disease called AIDS.

This same process does, of course, happen when one receives a blood transfusion with the AIDS virus present. The body cannot find the proper place for these wild cells. They have no proper home. Therefore, they act as scavengers and try to displace true correct cells from their home and take over. When the virus finally breeds inside the body and gets strong enough to displace many of these true cells, then the disease really can kill the form as any parasite will eventually kill its host.

Proper nutrition can hold it at bay because the Aids virus feeds off of preservatives in the food and chemicals applied to the body. If the ones carrying the virus were not allowed to ingest anything but natural cells into the body, the virus for the most part could not survive and breed and grow.

They feel a bond with another soul and want to express it physically. Remember it matters not on the inner planes what sex you are. They are remembering bonds from before they entered and are truly not harming anyone. There is nothing that says the sex act has to be between male and female, unless children are wanted. One of the partners has the soul of a female, the feeling nature. The male form was chosen for this incarnation to further some lesson or other, maybe to be on the receiving end of prejudice. What problems the sex act causes! This is why it will be a thing of the past in the future. Further along in the new creation the physical form will not matter, the soul will.

The role that the sex act has in each life must be balanced, as must all things pertaining to the temple of the body. It should not be overindulged in and should be an act of utmost respect and admiration between two. If this is lacking, then the act is meaningless. This is why most marriages fail.