Crystals – Healing


Norma Hickox

One of the uses for crystals would be for cleansing purposes. Crystals are the absorbers of negative energy when used in correct combinations. These ideas are out there, but have not congealed into the over-all picture of what can be accomplished with the crystals. Certain combinations of crystals, tuned to their sharpest pitch by faceting, can not only clean the air around homes but also can cleanse the aura of humans. This will enable the process of enlightenment to move forward at a much faster pace.

This is how healing that is accomplished now is being done – by cleansing the aura around the chakra of the diseased or injured part of the body. This could become much more effective if scientifically studied as to the correct combinations of crystals, similar to the correct combinations of herbs for healing. The process will be the same in all kingdoms, the right combination. It is progressed further in the Botanical Kingdom than it is in the Geological Kingdom. The Geological Kingdom needs to be progressed more because this should be the first stage of healing for any problem – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Remember, the correct combination of crystal power will cleanse whatever chakra is connected to the part of the body in which lies the problem.

As far as using the energy coming from crystals for healing, healers must understand the purpose of the energies coming from different kinds of crystals. If the energy from them is not properly balanced, it could cause imbalance in an entity, first in his emotional body, then it would affect his mental body and finally even the tough human form would find itself deteriorating in the presence of too much or misused and misdirected energy from unbalanced crystals.

Crystals should not be used indiscriminately. If this is done they can, and will, do more harm than good. When they go past the point of balance and create a negative energy field is when the danger enters. There is a way to measure energy levels (power) and also types of energy. Those from certain crystals are more powerful than others.

The cut and faceting of crystals is an area that needs to have more research and experimentation, because the way a crystal is cut is the secret to its energy field. There is truly much to be learned, and needs to be learned, in this field, not only to keep others from harming their own energy field, but also to learn how to use the energy for healing.