Crystals – Faceting – Pt 2


Norma Hickox

As far as arranging crystals in a room, one needs to try to find their power in relation to each other, even if it’s not the correct universal power number, it will help find a zero balance and then it can be increased from there to what is needed for whatever purpose this power will be used for. No one can look at a crystal and tell its power.

Crystals also can be energized with music vibrations of stringed instruments. They can actually be tuned, the crystals can, and will aid in receiving sound and pictures from other dimensions. The colors of the stones should determine what pitch they can be tuned to.

There is danger if a crystal has too much silica in its composition and if it is placed in a position where it receives direct sunlight through another piece of glass (a window, for instance) that it could start a fire.

The faceting of the crystals is the only way to control and plan the use of their energy. Those found and left in the natural state have only a small percent of the power they are capable of if faceted. The crystals are indeed pyramid in shape, but unbalanced as to energy in the points. The crystals when faceted should have three faces and a bottom with two faces being positive and one negative.

Of the three faces, one is left blank. The other two are cut with an indented triangle shape. The one on your left, as the plain side faces you, will be cut up to within 1/12 the height of the pyramid crystal. For instance, if it is twelve inches high, this cut should be one inch down from the top. The cut made on the other face should be two inches up from the bottom. These inverted triangle cuts should be as follows: the one on the left a 1/2-inch triangle, the other a one-inch triangle.

These are the proportions for a twelve-inch-high crystal, and need to be broken down to the height of the crystal to be cut, so they are the same proportions as given. This should not be difficult. This creates an energy point of balance in the point of the pyramid. If more energy is wanted, the crystal is turned so more of the two positive sides are upright, if less energy, the negative face is up when the crystal is laying down pointing at the object being the recipient of the energy.

A crystal in a healing light would extend the power the light gives. It needs to be with the point of the pyramid towards the patient as described earlier. The levels of power can be checked by experimenting on a sheet of white paper. The most powerful colors, combined with turning the light, will burn the paper to different degrees. Experimentation will show this. Be careful to not store the healing light in sunlight. The crystal to be used in a healing light should be approximately three inches in length and 1 1/2 inches at the base. All three sides should be 1 1/2 inches.

One other fact that needs to be mentioned is that crystals can also be used to clean a room or any abode of bad vibrations. This will take a larger crystal, the same three-sided, but about five inches on the base and eight inches in length. A rule of thumb for size would be about the size of a baseball, a hardball, for every twenty square feet of volume of the area to be cleaned. They need to be left in the room for a period of at least two hours, then the crystals are stored under ultraviolet light for a period of three hours to clean them. The case they are stored in needs to be vented outside with a hole approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter. This method will work for cleaning any abode of bad vibrations.