Crystals – Faceting – Pt 1


Norma Hickox

 The faceting of the crystals should be in the shape of a triangle, an elongated triangle, with the point on the longest side being the positive point of power. The other two lesser points are not both negative, but will be one positive and one negative. Therefore, the positive qualities of the crystal will comprise seventy-five percent of the crystal. These points can then be turned in relationship to other crystals to find zero balance in energies as a starting point, and worked up in power from there.

One crystal needs to be the testing crystal. This one needs to be a ruby. It does not need to be large, perhaps a quarter of a carat in size, but needs to be rectangular in shape. When held above each different crystal, an aura will be seen above the ruby that will be coming from the crystal under it. This aura can then be read as to the power of each point on the elongated crystal. The aura furthest to the top will be the reading for the largest facet, the next will be the reading of the facet to the left of the person holding the crystal, (with large facet facing toward them.) The aura then next to the ruby will be the power of negativity of the other facet.

With the colors of the rays being used, the three auras can be given numbers. These numbers are based on the colors of the rainbow given to musical pitches in the Science of Music and also for the chakras as follows: 1 – red, 2 – orange, 3 – yellow, 4 – green, 5 – blue, 6 – indigo and 7 – violet. If the largest aura is, say blue, the large point is a 5 and if the next aura is yellow, that would be a 3. If the negative point is an aqua, (the color of the musical pitch of F#) that would be a 4 1/2-point power of negativity. It will be found that some crystals will have a larger negative field than others. The numerical balances then combined with the colors of the crystals themselves would be the basis for prescribing a healing field corresponding to the chakra nearest the injury or area of illness.

These healing qualities will necessarily need to be discovered, and volunteers with injuries or illness or disease will need to be tested and records kept as to crystal combinations that are successful in improving whatever condition they were applied to. Auras can be seen with gems other than rubies held above them, but these auras do not give correct power, although relative points of power can be learned this way. But this will not be the power to be applied to correct healing procedures.