Articles for Journeys in the Present – Not from Books


Arthritis Healing

Ascension is a State of Mind

Ask Yourself

Chrysalis Teachings – Development and Change

Chrysalis Teachings – Prophesied 85 Years Ago

Compare Universe to Humans



Historical Research

Humans are Transformers

Inner Being – Pt 1

Inner Planes are Different than Dreams

Inner Planes are Twelve Dimensions of the Mind

Intuition is Function of Higher Nature

Karma – An Example



Metaphysical Knowledge

Mind Dimensions

Older people and Retirement

Our Prison System – Study of Contact with Others

Planning Special Events

Present in the Moment

Preserving Evolutionary Changes

Responsibility for Animals

Secret Group of Businessmen

Self Esteem and Self Confidence

The Bermuda Triangle

The HAARP Project

The New Creation – A Picture

The New Creation – Barter

The New Creation – Music in the Future

The Spiritual Path – Planets 1 – 4

The Spiritual Path – Planets 5 & 6

The Spiritual Path – Planet 7 – Pt 1

The Spiritual Path – Planet 7 – Pt 2

The Spiritual Path – Planets 8 – 12

Two Different Kinds of Energy

Using Alcohol

Wrong Perceptions

Your Spiritual Journey Compared to a Mouse

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