An Experimental Way of Eating


Norma Hickox

 The first kingdom was the Elemental; the second kingdom, the Geological, was brought into being by the Earth, herself, the crumbling rocks. The third kingdom, the Botanical, was brought into being by the Air lifting and carrying the grains of sand to water. The fourth kingdom, the Biological, was brought into being by the mating between decomposing plants and Water. The split of the fourth kingdom was brought into being by Fire, lightning bolts hitting certain animals. The fifth kingdom, the Prismatic is being brought into being by Spirit infiltrating the minds of humans.

When channeling or learning to channel, the process for nourishing the body should follow the same steps. The “earth” must be balanced through the body’s mineral needs. The “air” being breathed must be free of contamination. The “water” being drank must be pure of contamination. The “fire” must come from internal combustion of food in the form of energy. The “spirit” must be invoked to enter by meditation and petition.

The “fire” is wherein lies the hardest part for humans to adhere to. The eating of animal flesh is a deterrent to channeling. So also, is any processed food because processing starts the chain of events that returns food to the previous kingdom. This processing should be done inside the human body by the digestive system. This is where the process lies of sending part of the energy forward and part of the energy back to the previous kingdom. When food is processed before being eaten, the flow between kingdoms is lost.

Honey should be one of the foods introduced to a babe along with his milk and porridge as he is weaned from the breast. He should never be given any other sweetener until the age of six or seven where his body would be able to handle small amounts of pure maple syrup. There is much goodness in pure maple syrup in the form of minerals that will enhance the opening of brain cells.

There should never be any processed sweeteners such as sugars given. These are products that have been through the processing stage before being eaten, whereas honey and pure maple syrup are not and will do their processing in the body. This perhaps would be one particular guideline that would serve well all the way from birth onward is anything already processed is on the way of moving back to the kingdom behind. Anything not processed is moving forward to the next kingdom and is, therefore, the type of food that should be ingested. The more processing done, the more dead food that is being ingested.

Fruit is one of the easiest forms of food to eat. The only problem is it does not pack enough energy into its bulk to sustain the energy that is needed for channeling. The addition of nuts and grains and legumes will bring in the correct type of body energy for the digestive system along with vegetables.

The mineral content of food is more important than the caloric or fat content. All food should be high in vitamins A and D, more so than B or C and a high level of potassium. There are mineral supplements on the market that contain a well-balanced distribution of the necessary minerals. They can be located in certain health food stores. This should be the only supplement you should need to have. Of course, no red meat and very little chicken, turkey or fish will be necessary to maintain good health, and certainly no dairy products.

Start your day with fruit and fruit alone, no grains or cereal at this time. Just fruit, two bananas a week, an apple a day, oranges perhaps two a week, and all other fruit. For your lunch only grains and water. For your evening meal protein and grains and vegetables. As far as eating fast foods, none, or at least perhaps only once a week. We also advise only one cup of tea a day and this should be blackberry. Protein can be in the form of eggs, cheese, meat or legumes.

For lunch this diet would include anything made with any grain as a base ingredient. This could be any pasta made from a grain, but not spinach pasta. Any bread made with grains, nuts or seeds, or beans would not fall in this category. They would be under protein. The choices for this category can of course be elaborated on with seasonings and flavorings. Your bread should not have peanut butter and jelly on it; that would come at the evening meal. A small amount of oil or fruit jam would be acceptable, but basically plain bread or toast would be better, or rice cakes or oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc. Any cereal will suffice, any pasta and any bread. These are the foods that especially do not want to be in your stomach overnight. Also, the cleansing done by the fruit in the morning will help the digestion of these items.

The evening meal of protein will be ingested on a stomach that will for the most part be empty because the fruit cleansing will allow the grains to pass through rather quickly and at the same time prevent you from being hungry. At the same time, then, the protein will have a clear field, so to speak, to flow to the cells of the body where it needs to be before the digestive system shuts down for the sleep cycle. The same will hold true with the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables.

Please give this a method a try for a period of thirty days and then assess its value. We believe you will be amazed. Do not forget the water – 6 to 8 glasses a day, only one cup of tea. Tea has a tendency to stop digestion. If drank in the morning it will be cleared out by the cleansing process of the fruit. Your vitamins should be taken in the evening along with the evening meal, not in the morning. This will allow them to be absorbed by the cells. When taken in the morning with the fruit, they too will be cleansed away and flushed out of the body with not much good coming from them.

You should not go into this way of eating all of a sudden. You can work your way slowly towards it. If you suddenly start eating this way, the adjustment for the body would be enormous and would put you out of balance; just continue to lean more and more towards this diet.

As an added precaution, do not use any prepared foods with preservatives or sugar in them. If you need to have a sweetener use honey. This new way of eating may help take off extra weight. Also, you should not drink carbonated seltzer water; drink filtered water only along with fruit juices. Also, there is a Chinese herbal tea that would be good for you.