Norma Hickox

Alzheimer’s is caused by disuse of the upper right section of the brain, the spiritual levels. This disease will become more prevalent also, due to high technology which is even now preventing people from using the upper left levels (mental) of their brain and in some people TV is causing disuse of even the lower right levels (emotional), keeping the brain operating at level three of the physical section. (These sections of the brain and their levels are explained in Volume III of the notebooks, “The Fantastic Human Being.”) This is what humanity has to overcome and this is why there is much responsibility on those writing and presenting TV programs. What a benefit to humanity could be done by presenting them with challenges to their thinking and reasoning abilities instead of slapping them in the face with animalistic crime stories, or silly situation comedy shows. This is one of the biggest areas that need to be researched as to its effect on humankind.

When the elderly go past the stage of being considered an active, viable part of society and are regulated to the background of activity and mental thought of their families is when Alzheimer’s is progressed.

When a babe is born into the world, he is very familiar with, first the mother’s vibration, then the father’s vibration and then that of the siblings. When there is a person with a strange vibration near him, he immediately senses it. He may determine that it is a harmful vibration and cry at meeting this new person, or he may determine that it is a warm and welcoming vibration and take to this person. This has to do with the keytone of each individual which we are not going to get into at this time. These same criteria apply to our elderly people.

Alzheimer’s can be helped by this vibration being felt by the elderly. Even though they don’t know consciously who they are talking to, perhaps it is only at times that they slip away and don’t know who they are talking to or perhaps it’s all the time, but believe me they know the vibration. They can sense whether they are near their loved ones or whether they are not. When they feel the vibration of their loved ones, it grounds them and brings back their mental abilities. This vibration of a loved one will draw them back mentally into the real world. But if they are constantly and continually around strange vibrations, they will tune the real world out. Those in the higher planes believe, from their studies on the tenth planet, that putting the elderly into nursing homes is furthering the disease called Alzheimer’s.

The disease is furthered by the family rejecting the elderly and not wanting to be around them and near them with the feel of their vibration that this elderly person is used to. When he doesn’t have this vibration to sustain him, he begins withdrawing mentally. You’ll find this happens with animals also. We won’t go into that now but the elderly who have not gone past the third dimensional consciousness in their active lifetime will slip back into the functioning of the animal-based brain. There is nothing to hold them or draw them into the higher vibrations. If they do not have the familiar vibration of the family, they will not stay even at third dimensional consciousness and will slip back into a pure animal-based brain functioning.

We are doing this to our elderly ourselves by withdrawing from them our loving vibrations. They need to be included as much as possible in family life and family activities. Certainly it’s a hardship, but these same elderlies are the ones who cared for you and fed you and blessed you in the early days of your life. Cannot you do the same for them in the latter years of their life? Life goes around in a circle and the vibration of love that they gave you when you entered this world is the vibration of love that you need to return to them as they prepare to enter the next world.

The society that those in the higher planes see in the near future is one where the older person is being accepted back into the family. There will be more free time when the competitiveness of materialistic goals is left behind and the spiritualistic goals are more realized in daily life. Then these older members of the family will be more welcome in that family. Our society cannot continue as it is today by shutting these people out. These are their golden years and as training is given on the inner planes before any entity enters into a body, this same training should be given to those who are making preparations for birth into the inner planes. Who better than their own loving family to help them make these preparations along with a spiritual guide or teacher on the earth plane working in cooperation with the family? This is the way it is handled on the inner planes to as great an extent as possible. Members of the entities’ family are there for him at the time he crosses over and for as long as their path is capable of being with him they will stay with him. They learn and grow together on the inner planes along with a spiritual teacher or guide. They have the support of the family along with spiritual teachers and guides on the inner planes, why cannot they have it on the earth plane when preparing to cross dimensions again?

The curtain or veil between the inner planes and the earth dimension is being pulled back little by little. The more that it is pulled back and this other dimension understood, the faster the progress into the spiritual kingdom will be for all.