AIDS is Result of Early Cases of Changed DNA


Norma Hickox

Aids is depletion in the atomic material that the human forms are developed from. It is a natural outcome of evolution and at the same time it is rampaging on earth it is also being corrected in the atomic make-up of the new forms that will be born starting in 1990. It has to do with the Science of Biology as found in the Science of Music. It is related to the instigation of the extended musical scales giving the possibility of different combinations of musical tones for an upgraded DNA code.

Those with AIDS or the HIV virus could be helped by education as to what is going on. They are some of the casualties of the new energy and they don’t have a clue as to what is wrong. They were some of the first with the changed DNA. They volunteered for this project. They are highly spiritual entities but, due to the thickness of the fog over the earth plane, have not been able to bring back to memory what they came in to do. Therefore, they have not been able to access the new consciousness that would allow them to draw in the new energy. This would help them adapt to life on the earth and not be subject to all the physical diseases and viruses that are present.

The doctors are calling it the HIV virus. It truly is not a virus as you know them — as all your other viruses are structured. It is a changed DNA code due to the low supply of atomic particles available for forms at the time they entered. The new forms being born now have a changed DNA code further updated from those with the HIV virus, due to more atomic matter becoming available from other sources.

The forms that humanity inhabits are made up of things found only in nature. When the plastic baby bottles with the throw away plastic bags were brought into use, a certain amount of foreign material was absorbed by these babies into their form. The steps taken from breast feeding to glass bottles to plastic bottles has, believe it or not, a corresponding progression of steps of new diseases as side effects. The materials that plastic is made of are some of the most unsteady in molecular structure. They can and do enter the body when used extensively.

It is almost an impossibility to restrict man-made chemical compounds from entering the ecological system and they cause repercussions all along the chain of evolution. Some of them have already affected the structure of the human form, and the bodies so affected simply do not respond to medical procedures as do normal bodies. Their atomic matter has been restructured to a minute degree, but it does not take much to upset the balance in a form. When all medication has been geared to aid a certain make-up of matter, any slight change in this make-up will alter the effect the medication will have.

This also accounts, in part, for the new disease AIDS, and more new strains of cancer to come and also other new diseases. The more technology introduced, especially early in a human form’s life, the more man-made substances enter the body. Any form that is produced in a laboratory, such as those where conception takes place outside the body, will, at some stage of its progress, come into contact with a man-made substance. It could be even the container that the process is started in. This will produce forms that will not respond to modern day medical techniques.

The ones with the disease called AIDS are extreme cases of molecular restructuring. This affects not only the physical body but can also affect the mind. The children being born with this disease need to be watched and examined closely and, perhaps, be used for testing purposes to enable the scientific community to be able to come up with medication that will help those with this disease. There is no way to cure the disease. More can be prevented from getting it, but the reverse actions of the actions that brought it about must be started immediately. The disease will be as long making a disappearance as the chain of events was that caused it in the first place. (This cannot be said to have started right with the plastic baby bottles; it started earlier with dishes and utensils used by the mother in her lifetime, but the use of the plastic bottles was the big turning point in the onset of this disease.)

On the subject of AIDS, there is one factor that everyone is overlooking and that is nutrition. The eating of food with any chemical preservatives in it is as taking poison would be to those carrying the AIDS virus. These people should be extremely careful of their diet and can hold the actual disease at bay by this method.

As a matter of fact, those with the live AIDS virus can greatly increase the length of their life by watching their diet also. The chemical preservatives ingested in food, or in any preparation used on the body, act as a breeding ground for this virus. It is conceivable that the disease could be turned around if all chemical preservatives were eliminated from all the food in the world. The restructured atoms in the body feed off of any chemicals they come into contact with and grow sickly and weak, thereby causing the inability to fight off disease. It is a man-made virus due to the change in the DNA structure combining with chemicals and resulting in a “monster” virus that was brought about by man’s unenlightened progress and steps into the world of biochemistry that has brought about this fatal disease. In this case, those who have the disease are not to blame individually only collectively, because of “going along” with man-made progress instead of sticking with nature.

Mankind can conceivably destroy itself. It has happened before in the history of our planet and can happen again. What is being done with chemicals amounts to an interruption in the experiments of restructuring that have been ongoing since the Restructured Creation. The ingredients in man-made materials have caused a change in the genes structure that was not part of the divine plan and has thrown a “monkey wrench” you might say, in the restructuring process. It has caused a change in the musical scale blueprint that does not follow a logical progressive pattern. This has caused a setback in the ongoing experiments for mankind.

These restructurings are based on scientific, musical formulas.  If scientists would take this material and work with it they would readily understand that DNA is following a path that is not part of the scientific, mathematical, musical scales as laid out by the Creator.

If this approach were to be taken, the tendency to get this disease would be caught early enough to keep these people from ingesting chemicals in their food and applying them to their bodies. They would hold the disease at bay, their children would not have the disease and the whole situation would reverse itself in two generations.