Norma Hickox


Having forms born into situations that will not allow for quality of life for the entering soul, is a non-productive way to think that you’re bettering humanity. People are crying that you’re destroying a soul when an abortion is performed. This is not true.

For the most part there is not a soul in that form. It is simply an animal form. To allow births to take place in the ghettos and among diseased mothers constitutes a waste as far as having a soul enter into these conditions unless this soul really has a reason for wanting a hardship in his life. This would be a very personal thing for them as far as erasing some kind of karma that they have in their beingness. Even so, there will always be situations that will lend themselves to erasing this karma, but there doesn’t need to be as many as there are.

There are a lot of souls on the other side who want to come back very badly and, being not too evolved, they think that any chance is better than no chance. This has been found to not be true. They would be far better off to spend more time on the other side doing the necessary learning and growing and evolving before entering into a body for another round of human life. Therefore, those in the higher planes would be quite happy if all of these forms were not available. Once they are available, they have no way of preventing the less evolved entities from wanting to come back.

It’s as though they put their name on a list and they can be put off and bypassed for a certain amount of time because they can be told that they’re not ready. Those in the higher planes can tell them also that the proper situation has not made itself available on the earth plane. They can tell them all this for a certain length of time but then they are overstepping universal law themselves if they try to hold them back any longer. Therefore, they can’t hold them back, they must let them come in. These unevolved souls come in and cause the same problems that have been there before and humanity is at a standstill.